Why choose Kobcam?

  • Camera which doubles as an alarm device

  • Wireless with optional wired connection

  • Metal waterproof housing for outdoor use

  • Outstanding image quality – day and night

  • Notification upon motion detection

  • Includes a 64GB MicroSD card for recording events with little network load

Always keep a watchful eye on your backyard

with a quality KOBCAM camera, easy to install and use. A camera, which doubles as an alarm device, allows a complete overview of the happening on your property.

Outstanding image quality

Day and night, notifications upon detected movement or an alarm will make sure the area around your house is secured by a high quality product.

Surveillance at any time and
any place in any lighting conditions.

Use your mobile device or a computer to keep an eye on everything that really matters.
This way, you can go travelling, to work or take a holiday without any worries, as you can check your home or a weekend house at any time.


The IR night vision function enables a quality image even in poor light and at night.
The camera has 36 infra-red LED diodes enabling night vision of up to 30 m.

Take care of everything that really matters



Effective intruder deterrent

Let visitors and villains know your building is under close surveillance. The camera is protected with a quality metal waterproof housing, and can be installed on any visible area, even if you don’t have a projecting roof.

Surveillance of events in the
area surrounding the house or a weekend house

The camera sends a notification with an alarm and saves movements of visitors to a memory card, which you can later view. You can also receive recorded image to your e-mail.

Overview of house
construction progress

Construction can be recorded by a schedule, upon detected movement, an alarm or manually at any time. You can create fond memories of the construction of your dream house with these footages.

Protect facilities and
prevent criminal offences

The camera is an optimal protection of a business facility and its surroundings. It enables reconstruction of events and an overview of the facility outside working hours.

Outstanding image quality

The camera can change the 74° view of angle, captures the video in HD 1080 p with 2 MP resolution.



Monitor events with any device

Free COT application allows you to manage the camera through your mobile phone or a tablet with iOS or Android operating system or your personal computer. The application is safe as access can be password protected.



  • We have created a nice memory of our home building with camera footages.

    »The entire construction process, from floor plan to the facade, was recoded with the Kobcam and then edited to a short video of construction.«

    Maša, Brežice

  • We have discovered pests in our garden.

    »We take care of our garden produce all year around, but some of the vegetables keep disappearing. When we installed an outdoor camera, we were able to identify the voracious pest.«

    Dejan, okolica Novega mesta

  • The camera enabled us to identify the person who caused the accident.

    »Someone damaged our column and carport in front of our garage. With the camera, we were able to identify the driver who caused the damage.«

    Miha, Ljubljana

Technical details and online order

Order online

KOBCAM K-30 HD WiFi Smart waterproof camera for outdoor use with an alarm

169.00 €
* Prices include VAT.

  • HD 1080 p, 2 MP resolution
  • Plug and Play technology
  • Built-in 32GB MicroSD card
  • Night vision 30 m
Technical specifications
Video compression System H.264 Baseline Profile  
Video Image sensor 1.0 MP, HD CMOS sensor  
Range of chips DSP  
Resolution 1080 p HD, resolution of up to 1.920 x 1080, 2,0 MP  
Varying resolution 1080 p (1.920 x 1080), VGA (640 x 360), QVGA (320 x 180)  
Frame rate 1–30 frames per second  
Min. illumination Colours: 1.5 lux; black & white: 0 lux with incorporated IR LED  
IR distance Double infrared filter with automatic switch, 36 infra-red LED diodes, night vision of up to 30 m    
S/N ratio 38 dB  
Lens/resolution: 3.6 mm, 74° angle of view/2 MP resolution    
System Security User account, password  
ONVIF Protocol Supported  
Control through a phone and personal computer Apple iOS and Android application; required version iOS 7.0, Android 3.0 and higher CMS program for control from computer  
Memory Built-in MicroSD card with 32 GB memory, 24-hour recording
Plug and Play Simple installation: 1. Connection to power supply and network, 2. Installation of application on a mobile phone, 3. Image monitoring  
Servers Worldwide servers enable stable and effective functioning of the camera  
Video management Recording method Manual recording, scheduled recording or upon alarm activation  
Video memory Built-in MicroSD memory card 32 GB memory  
Network Network interface 10 MB/s/100 MB/s  
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n  
Alarm Motion detection Supported  
Sound alarm Not supported  
Alarm: function 1 Alarm notification via an application to several phones simultaneously  
Alarm: function 2 Image capturing and automatic e-mail forwarding  
Required application version iOS 7.0, Android 3.0 or higher  
Material Metal waterproof housing  
Intended use For outdoor use  
Application version Charging DC 12 V, 1,5 A  
General Operating temperature From –20 °C to +55 °C  
Humidity ≤ 95% relative humidity  
Camera dimensions 193 x 76 x 71 mm (L x W x H)  
Weight Net 436 g  
Package dimensions 225 x 106 x 110 mm (L x W x H)  
Package content Camera, charger, user manual, screws, Wi-Fi antenna  
Accessories Wireless door magnet, wireless motion sensor, remote control, wireless fire sensor  
Installation method Wall or ceiling installation  


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