Discounts for students and educational institutions



Students and education employees don’t overlook additional discounts for Apple products

Student discount or EDU discount can be used by all students in Slovenian high schools above 18 years old, students and education employees with student or professor status.

Apple computers are easy to use and is just the right choice for educational institutions from kindergartens to elementary and high schools, colleges, institutes, libraries and museums.

We will gladly come to your institution and present Apple hardware and software solutions for schools. We will help you make the most of Apple products to support your learning experience and present you all discounts Apple offers.

How to obtain a discount

You can obtain your discount with an educational certificate, student card or your grade book. Education employees can provide their certificate of employment at an educational institution.

Discount for students

5% discount applies to Apple Mac and Mac accessories.

Discount for educational institutions

7% discount applies to Apple Macs and Mac accessories.

5% discount applies to iPads.

The discounts are calculated based on the retail price of the price list.

All discounts are mutually exclusive and cannot be combined with other special offers and deals of the company Kobra Team, d.o.o.