Why choose KOBTERM?


    It measures body and surface temperature


    Temperature measurement in 1 second


    The ability to store measurements


    Display color indicates an elevated temperature

The non-contact IR thermometer is a high-precision device, perfect for all households. The infrared technology enables accurate measurements without contact.

It is particularly suitable for families with young children, as it provides a less stressful way of detecting fever compared to a classic thermometer. It measures body temperature instantly at a distance of up to 5 cm, and is also convenient for measuring surface temperature.

Easy to use



Display color indicates an elevated temperature

When the measured temperature is below 37.4 °C, the thermometer displays green color. The temperature between 37.5 °C and 37.9 °C lights up the display in yellow, but if the measured temperature exceeds 38 °C, the display turns red.

Temperature measured in 1 second

Measure temperature at a distance of 1 to 5 cm. Speedy result in 1 second! This is especially convenient for young children.

Surface temperature measurement

The KOBTERM thermometer also enables the measurement of surface temperatures, such as the temperature of food, beverages, etc.

Storing measurements

Automatic electrical device control, such as radiators, refrigerators, air conditioning, central heating, heat pumps and water heaters.

Keep your employees safe at work during the coronavirus pandemic

The non-contact thermometer is an excellent tool for measuring the temperature of employees and business visitors immediately upon arrival at the company or in case of displaying symptoms. Non-contact approach reduces the risk of spreading coronavirus. The non-contact thermometer is thus suitable for companies, schools, kindergartens, delivery services, etc. It presents a preventive measure for the protection of people in a designated space.



Technical details and online order

Order online

KOBTERM KT20 - Non-contact IR thermometer

35,99 €
* Prices include VAT.

  • Enables simple measurement of the body temperature on the forehead, as well as surface temperature.
  • An easy-to-read display shows the measured temperature.
  • Measures temperature in less than a second.
  • Stores 32 measurements.
  • Auto power-off function after 20 seconds.
  • Color-coded display (green – no fever, yellow – slightly elevated temperature, red – fever).
  • Sound indicator.
Technical specifications
  1. Basic parameters


Show exact digits


Storage temperature


Ambient temperature for operation


Relative humidity


Power Supply

DC 3V(in series), 2x Batteries AAA (not included)







2.Measuring range


Body/Surface measuring range

32.0-42.9℃/0–100 ℃ 

Measuring distance

1-5cm(Best 5CM)

Automatic shutdown

20 seconds lead inside

Display color indicates

an elevated temperature

32,0–37,4 ℃ -green

37,5–37,9 ℃ -yellow

38,0–42,9 ℃ -red

3.Measurement accuracy








4.Service life

The service life of the product is  40000 times.


Easy thermometer control

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