SimPal W230

Why come home for a cold surrounding when you can warm it through remote control wherever you are?

How does it work?

Kolibri 360

Do you have any concern on how to take care of outdoor sound system with no power? There is a solution.

How does it work?

Screen protector

Not every screen protector protects your screen. What are the differences?

How does it work?

We provide outstanding electronic products due to our extensive experience

We aim to provide technical sophistication and the best product. Our offer includes our own products as well as third-party products from renowned suppliers, as a result of our perseverance in achieving the best quality possible and highly trained employees.

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We provide professional installation and service for the purchased product.

Together with the sale of electronic products, wireless devices and communication services, we offer installation and maintenance service.

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We use renewable energy sources in our work

We operate in an energy-efficient facility and use natural resources for electricity, heating, cooling, ventilation and rainwater.

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  • The camera is our reliable sitter for our grandpa.

    »If our grandpa doesn’t leave the room 4 times, I know something is wrong.«

    Janez, Novo mesto

  • Kobcam enables us remote machine monitoring.

    »Our CNC machine does not communicate the estimated milling time. When the machine finishes its operation, the sound of the machine changes, letting me know when to go back to the workshop. The camera contributes to a greater machine efficiency.«

    Tone, Ljubljana

  • We were able to identify the perpetrator.

    »We experienced a misappropriation of property. The camera allowed us to identify the thief at his second attempt.«

    Vesna, Škocjan

  • We were there for the birth of a foal through the Kobcam camera.

    »We were first alerted about the happening with an alarm, and we also got a beautiful video of the birth.«

    Marko, Šentjernej

  • We have created a nice memory of our home building with camera footages.

    »The entire construction process, from floor plan to the facade, was recoded with the Kobcam and then edited to a short video of construction.«

    Maša, Brežice

  • We have discovered pests in our garden.

    »We take care of our garden produce all year around, but some of the vegetables keep disappearing. When we installed an outdoor camera, we were able to identify the voracious pest.«

    Dejan, okolica Novega mesta

  • The camera enabled us to identify the person who caused the accident.

    »Someone damaged our column and carport in front of our garage. With the camera, we were able to identify the driver who caused the damage.«

    Miha, Ljubljana

  • I no longer use a key for my front door.

    »I just make a call to open the door. How simple. When I am away, I never leave my keys with my neighbours. If I want to open the front door for someone, I do that remotely – simply with a call.«

    Nejc, Novo mesto

  • The GC 055 communicator is a good monitoring solution at a reasonable price.

    »There are many smart home control systems available on the market, but all are expensive and require planning at the time of construction. When your house is already constructed, installation of such systems can be quite costly. This is why I have decided to use GC 055, as it offer everything I need at an affordable price. The installation is not complicated and above all the product works.«

    Klemen, Ljubljana

  • I simply turn on air conditioning at our sea side house remotely.

    »Now I am pleased to go to my home as it is cooled to a pleasant temperature before we get there. And the switch is really easy to use.«

    Luka, Krško

  • I finally have control over the temperature in my wine cellar.

    »There is no internet in my vineyard cottage, so the GSM switch is very handy. Particularly because I can now check the temperature in the cellar, especially after vintage time.«

    France, Vinji vrh

  • Power failure notifications are very important.

    »I don’t often go to the facility, but power failure occurs frequently. With the switch, I receive a notification immediately. There is also a notification when the power comes back. This information is very important to me.«

    Drago, Črnomelj

  • Since I had my screen saver installed at Kobra, I no longer have any issues with its durability.

    »I used to buy screen savers online and install them by myself. But that never worked out well. Since I had my screen saver installed at Kobra, I no longer have any issues with its durability.«

    Anja, Škocjan

  • I guarantee Kobra screen savers.

    »Screen savers are really of high quality. I also don’t have enough patience to place it by myself and Kobra takes care of that.«

    Grega, Kostanjevica na Krki

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  • I use posledi for my personal car. I have no worries as I know the car is additionally secured.

    »In case my car got stolen, I know I would be able to track it down. I also like the fact that I can check my driving history. In case I forget to lock my car, I can simply check through the in-built system.«

    Rok, Trebnje

  • Posledi system reduces costs, is reliable and easy to use. Technical support is also great.

    »We have saved greatly on fuel with the Posledi tracking system. It is very easy to use and useful, as it enables a quick summary and export of travel orders. Posledi also works great abroad. In case we need any technical support, employees at Kobra are always there for us.«

    Peter, Novo mesto

  • They easily transferred my contacts and photographs from my old phone to the new one.

    »Changing a phone is a real nightmare for me. And only because of transferring data, which is not something I am good at. At Kobra, all data was transferred smoothly.«

    Nina, Brestanica

  • At At Kobra, I get everything I need in one place. I am particularly pleased with their customer service.

    »I am always happy to go to Kobra, even though I live in Ljubljana. Parking is very easy and they always dedicate to me completely and take their time for my every wish regarding telephony. They advise me on the most suitable plan, phone, and even set everything, so the product is working just as I wanted it to. I really couldn’t be happier.«

    Uroš, Ljubljana

  • A tech-savvy salesman explained all settings in a simple manner.

    »When I bought a tablet and phone, a nice salesman explained all functions I needed for my work.«

    Gregor, Krško

  • Popolna kontrola nad lastnim parkirnim prostorom

    »»Naveličan sem tega, da vsakokrat, ko pridem domov, iščem prosto parkirno mesto, ker mi mojega vedno nekdo zasede! Končno imam s pametno zaporo popolno kontrolo nad svojim parkingom.««

    Matjaž, Ljubljana

  • Zaposlenim lahko omogočimo prosto parkirno mesto.

    »»Imeli smo težavo, ker obiskovalci pred našo poslovno stavbo niso upoštevali znaka ne parkiraj – samo za zaposlene. Zapore so super rešitev, ker so avtomatske in preproste za uporabo. Tako smo zaposlenim lahko omogočili lastno parkirno mesto. Prav tako nam ni bilo treba prekopati celotnega parkirišča, da smo jih lahko montirali. Priporočamo nakup avtomatske zapore.««

    Matej, storitveno podjetje, Novo mesto


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