Why choose a lock barrier?


    Easy to install and use


    Easy lock and barrier control via remote control


    It operates on batteries that you can easily replace


    Resistant to force, water and dust


    Alarm signal draws the user’s attention to the battery status and warns

A lock barrier enables protection and access to your parking space using the remote control.

When entering or exiting a vehicle from the parking space, the lock barrier operation through the remote control descends or ascends, thus preventing other vehicles to access your parking space.

Main functions



Easy opening and closing

The lock barrier is easy to use. You use remote control to open and close the lock barrier.

The use of the remote control enables operation of the lock, which means that it detects the arrival and departure of a vehicle. 

The alarm is activated in the case of lock barrier collision danger

If someone attempts to park in your parking space and the force to the parking lock barrier arises, an alarm is activated and the lock arm closes down to the ground. The alarm is active for seven seconds, then the lock barrier attempts to reset, and if it encounters an obstacle, the procedure described is repeated.

Resistance to force, water and dust

The lock barrier is designed for all weather conditions and can carry up to two tons of load.

Theft protection

The lock barrier key components are integrated in the housing, which can be opened with the supplied key only.

  • Full control over your own parking space

    »"I am tired of being faced with situation that every time I get home I have to look for a free parking space because mine is occupied all the time! Finally, I have full control over my parking space by means of smart lock. "«

    Matjaž, Ljubljana

  • We can provide employees with a free parking space.

    »"We had a problem because the visitors did not respect the 'do not park - just for employees' sign located in front of our office building. Parking locks and barriers are a great solution because they are automatic and easy to use. Our employees now have their own parking space. We also did not have to dig the whole parking lot to install them. We recommend buying an automatic lock. "«

    Matej, a service company, Novo mesto

Technical details and online order

Order online

SMARTPARK SM-400B-01Y - Parking Lock Barrier

169 €
* Prices include VAT.

  • Battery-operated lock
  • Easy to install and use
  • Operating with the remote control
  • Alarm activated in the event of lock and barrier collision danger
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
Technical specifications


Easy control of the parking lock and barrier

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