We have been a Telekom Slovenije authorised dealer since 1991 when the company Mobitel was established. Based on our long-standing experience, we are always willing to assist you when choosing your mobile phone, the most suitable subscription plan and other Telekom Slovenije services.

At our branch office, you can:

  • conclude new mobile telephony subscription plan    
  • extend the existing subscription plan 
  • change subscription plans 
  • replace your SIM card
  • choose devices at discount prices and Mobi prepaid plans
  • conclude subscription plan for NEO broadband services (TV, internet, fixed telephony)
  • pay for your Telekom Slovenije bill at the bill payment machine with zero commission!

Visit Telekom Slovenije’s website www.telekom.si for a complete offer.

Optimise your costs and save your money. We always find the best solution for you.

We optimise all Telekom Slovenije mobile and broadband services for you or your company. This allows you to reduce your costs or obtain additional services and benefits for the same price.

I would like to optimise my Telekom Slovenije service costs


All in one place with additional services and products.

At Kobra, your experience does not end by signing the subscription plan contract or purchasing a phone with a subscription plan. We offer advice when choosing accessories, set-up all necessary configuration, protect your phone with a screen protector, copy your contacts to the new phone, etc.

You can always test your favourite phone before you buy it.

Photographs in the brochure of selected phone offer are not enough for a real user experience. At Kobra, you can test the phone in our store to make sure you are purchasing the right product. We are one of the few companies in Slovenia offering the largest number of working display phones and not only the so called dummy mobile phones.

You can pay your Telekom Slovenije service bill with zero commission.

You can pay your Telekom Slovenije service bill without any payment processing costs (zero commission). Fast and easy payment of Telekom Slovenije service bills can be done only with a debit card (Maestro, MasterCard, Activa, Visa). In order to pay the bill at the machine, you need a payment order (bill) or a generic code.


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