We produce more energy than we consume

We generate our own electricity with photovoltaic power station on the building’s roof and carport.

All renewable energy sources are interconnected hydraulically through a reversible heat pump, which provides for heating and hot water as well as passive and active cooling of the building.


We use geothermal energy for cooling and heating

All rooms have installed an underfloor heating system. In summer months, a cooled water circulates through the same system, contributing to more pleasant working conditions.

Fresh air is provided through earth tube ventilation

Fresh air enters through joint earth tube ventilation. On its way to the building, the air gets partially heated during winter months and partially cooled during summer months. The air is then additionally cleaned and heat-treated in a ventilation device with a highly efficient recuperation, heating and cooling device.

We use rainwater in our toilets instead of sanitary water

In the building’s vicinity, we have an underground rainwater tank with a hydrophore station, which is used in our toilets and for watering our green plots.

Environmental responsibility and waste equipment treatment

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), waste batteries and accumulators are considered a specific category of waste due to their content of hazardous substances and should never be discarded with mixed municipal waste. Such waste should be stored separately from other types of waste.

The company is following the producer responsibility principle and fulfilling its obligations arising from EU directives within common plans for WEEE treatment and treatment of waste batteries and accumulators with the company TRIGANA, d.o.o. You can hand over your end-of-life electric and electronic equipment when you make a purchase of a similar product. You can also hand over your waste batteries and accumulators without making a new purchase. It is possible to discard it at special collection points, managed by the local municipal services. Visit www.ozavescen.si for more information on waste recycling, reuse centres and a list of public service collection centres.

Social responsibility and employing vulnerable groups

Employment plays an important role in achieving social inclusion of vulnerable groups

Our status of a sheltered workshop enables us to provide for equal opportunities and equal treatment of employees, thus contributing to better lives of disabled individuals, local environment and society. 50% of the company’s employees are disabled.

Social responsibility and defibrillators - Heart Friendly Company

Kobra – heart friendly company. A heart friendly company is a project aimed to connect employees, companies and locals and encouraging them to offer help in accidents or cardiac arrest scenario.

After joining the project and obtaining the Heart friendly company certificate, we have pursued the goal to improve the safety of our employees, their family members, business partners and people residing in this area. By purchasing automated external defibrillator (AED defibrillator) and using the iHELP application on smartphones, we can contribute greatly to reduce mortality from cardiac arrest and severe consequences for our employees and people residing in our area.