Company has completely renovated the branch office according to the corporate graphic image of Telekom Slovenije.


The company moves to a new location in the Šentjernej business zone where a new high-tech and energy self-sufficient building is constructed. Kobra Team, d.o.o., has completely renewed its corporate image.


In 1993, a new company was established, Kobra Team, d.o.o., taking over older activities.


When Mobitel, d.d. was established in 1991, the company became one of the first authorised sale representatives, installation and servicing of NTM and GSM telephones in the Dolenjska region.


After twelve years, the company started selling phones. Initially, it sold classic phones and then mobile phones. 1989 is also the year when the company built a larger building on a place where an old commercial property used to stand, together with a sales room and a shop for repair and installation services.


The activity expanded since then and acquired another facility, employing then five people.


In 1985, his company produced its first wireless sound system model called Kolibri.


Branko Kovačič started to get involved with electronics. Electrotechnician, was at that time part-time employed while running his own part-time business. Afterwards, he decided to quit his job at Iskra in Kostanjevica and started his own business at his home in Šmarje in a room of about 10 m2.
He repaired and produced electronic devices, such as sound systems, telephones, car radios, custom-made electronic assemblies for companies and similar.

Its mission, values and vision

The company’s mission is to offer high-quality services as a result of perseverance in a specialised activity and professional training of our employees. We are aware at all times that our success does not depend only on the latter. We are also aware of the importance of our long-term relationships with our agents, suppliers and customers. We also recognise the high-level services that our employees provide, and, for this reason, it is important to follow-up with new developments on the market, educate ourselves, anticipate our customers’ needs and, above all, comply with their requirements.