Repair of Apple products under warranty

You can bring the defective product to our branch and we will deliver it to an authorised Apple service centre (Apple Authorised Service Provider) EPL, d.o.o., or PRO servis, d.o.o. on your behalf.

Until the official service, we only take care of the delivery and may thus not be held liable for any additional costs incurred by the repair of your device. We recommend you familiarise with the official service price list beforehand.

Post-warranty repair of Apple products

Post-warranty products will be taken care by our experienced repairers. We only use high quality, original spare parts from our long-standing distributors.

In case you are facing difficulties with your Apple product, you can also write us an e-mail at or call us at 07 308 11 18.

Replacement of the existing HDD with a new and faster SSD and copying data

Is your computer slow and overheating, while the new Apple computer is too expensive to buy? The upgrade of your computer is the ideal solution then. Compared to the old drive, the new SSD makes your PC boost up and you don't have to wait for your programs to open.

Price: 60.00 Euro + SSD
* Prices include VAT.

MAC power cable replacement

Damaged cable? No need to buy a new Apple charger just yet. After replacing the cable, it will work as brand new cable.

Price: 30.00 €
* Prices include VAT.

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Price list

Price list of Apple product service

*Prices include VAT

HDD replacement with SSD and data cloning 59.00 Euro
RAM memory installation (not applicable to all models) 9.00 Euro
MAC power cable replacement 30.00 Euro
Mac cleaning (inside and outside) 15.00 Euro
iPhone/iPad LCD screen replacement From 80.00 Euro
Service item 30.00 Euro

Along with service, we also offer:

*Prices include VAT

Installation of Microsoft Office for Mac environment on the computer 

(Licensed software not included in the price)

25.00 Euro
Installation of a dual boot (optional) and Microsoft Windows OS 

(Licensed software not included in the price)

50.00 Euro
Installation of Microsoft Windows OS through virtualization in a parallels environment (Licensed software not included in the price) 40.00 Euro
Reinstallation or upgrade of Mac OS x 20.00 Euro
Deleting data, cleaning and resetting in Mac computers 30.00 Euro
Copying/Copying data from one computer to a new one 40.00 Euro
Replacing the HDD with SSD drive for Apple iMac + cleaning (SSD drive is not included in the price

99.00 Euro

Restoring iOS devices and iOS upgrade 15.00 Euro
Creating Apple ID account for iTunes/App Store 15.00 Euro
Resetting of the OS x Adm password 15.00 Euro
Setting-up e-mail accounts 15.00 Euro
iPod/iPad/iPhone data recovery 15.00 Euro


In specific service procedures, data stored in a phone (contacts, calendar and photographs), tablet or computer may be lost. We do not guarantee that all data will be maintained and we shall not be held liable to any damage incurred by the user.

In case the data cannot be maintained due to technical reasons (the nature of the defect), we will not charge the user for the service.


Do you need to copy data from your old phone/tablet/computer to the new one? We are here to help you.
We offer a wide range of additional services in mobile telephony and computing.

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