Sustainable construction with emphasis on energy efficiency and green construction principles

Conceptual building design was based on functionality, while all solutions took an inferior place to sustainable construction. The design followed the integral design principles and interdisciplinary cooperation of all designers and investor as early as in the design plan phase. Low-energy principles influenced the placement of the building in the environment and consequently the strict orientation of the south facade of the building.

A special attention was paid to the envelope airtightness of the building, which was already considered during the foundation works. Each thermal bridge on the facade and the roof was insulated, while the entire building has a 20 centimetre insulation. We have chosen only quality and durable materials and strived towards perfectness of each and every detail.


Renewable energy sources and central control system

Our basic principle was to use as many renewable energy sources as possible. The majority of energy the building uses are geothermal and solar energies. We are utilising natural resources for heating, cooling, generating electricity, ventilation and sanitary water. All renewable energy sources are interconnected through a reversible heat pump, which provides for heating and hot water as well as passive and active cooling of the building. We used a 40 m water borehole, four 100 m geoprobes, earth-air heat exchanger, 50 m³ rainwater tank and 50-kw solar power system.

Central control system allows us to regulate lighting, fire detection and fire alarm system, technical surveillance, ventilation and room temperature, mechanical devices and air conditioning as well as window blinds.


Functional and creative working environment

Rooms have a dynamic and functional design, while colours and details provide an interesting, positive and stimulative working environment. Well-being of users is improved with well-lit rooms with plenty of natural light, combined with an option for digital lighting regulation, as well as with clean, cooled and humidified fresh air.

Bioclimatic construction elements provide for a more favourable climate

We have incorporated bioclimatic elements into architectural design with horticulture landscaping around the building and with terrace troughs for plants. Intense planting and additional shading at the south parts of the facade provide for an even more favourable climate.

We produce more energy than we consume

We generate our own electricity with photovoltaic power station on the building’s roof and carport. In view of the specific energy consumption, required for heating and total

energy consumption, we can say that the building is achieving all standards of a passive building. The building is an energy-plus building, as it produces more energy than it consumes. Power consumption of 1,260 m2 use-surface is merely X MWh or x Euro per year.

The potential of an energy efficient building has been recognised by the Slovenian and European award committee

Effective design and sustainable construction of the Kobra business building was awarded by the 2013 Finance magazine for the URE (energy-efficiency) and OVE (renewable energy sources) project and 2014 Greenbuilding Integrated Design Award. The awards were presented to the Kobra Team investor and company Protim Ržišnik Perc arhitekti in inženirji.

Multipurpose room for events organisation

Need a space for your event? We offer a multi-purpose room for lectures, conferences, education or recreation.

On the first floor of the Kobra business building, we have a multipurpose room, suitable for education, lectures, business meetings, presentations conferences, recreation, etc.

The air-conditioned space has a capacity for 60 people and is equipped with the latest projectors, wireless microphones, sound system, board, tables and chairs which can be removed if necessary. A free internet connection is also available.

Price for renting space:

1-hour rent 20 Euro
Full day rent of the room from Saturday until Sunday 145 Euro

VAT is not included in the prices.

The price of rent includes technical equipment in the room as well as technical support. We charge the rent time, space preparation and other costs related to the event. We can also arrange a spread for the participants.

I would like to rent a multi-purpose room




Additional offer of the Kobra business building

The visitors of the Kobra business building will find a hair salon, health centre and trending workouts.


Frizerski salon Boštjan Štangelj s.p.

Hair salon offer all types of hairdressing services with Schwarzkopf hair products.

Working hours:
Monday–Friday: 8.00 AM -12.00 PM and 2.00 PM - 6.00 PM
Saturday: 8.00 AM - 12.00 PM

Frizerski salon Boštjan Štangelj s.p.
041 322 922

Vergo - Center zdravja

The centre offer includes:
1. Therapies for:

  • spine (spinal disc herniation, disk protrusion, sciatica, spondylosis, etc.)
  • joints (knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, etc.)
  • dizziness, migraines, headaches

2. Bioresonance scanning and therapies – fast and accurate diagnosis of diseases and issues (also suitable for pregnant women and children).

3. Nutritional consultancy for different diseases and issues.

4. Food intolerance blood testing
(food intolerance can cause mild as well as serious health issues).

Working hours:
By prior appointment

Vergo - Center zdravja
051 722 483