Why choose the Posledi system?


    24-Hour tracking and locating vehicles on posledi.si online map with superior user support


    Creation of travel orders and trip reports


    Setting the alarm area the vehicles must not exceed


    Adding, changing and viewing own points of interest by determining a group of persons with access to view trips


    Monitoring the functioning of several vehicle sensors, maintenance, travelled kilometres


    Driver identification with a private/work travel control option

POSLEDI is a system for tracking, control and safety of vehicles and other movable or static objects. It operates on the internet and utilises a combination of GPS and GSM/GPRS technologies.

Whenever and wherever you want to check data of a certain vehicle or an object, you simply log into the server at posledi.si website where you can instantly view the vehicle status.

Track vehicles online 24 hours a day

You don’t need any special programme to operate the system, just an internet connection. All travels are saved to the posledi.si server, where you can log in and monitor vehicles or movables individually.

Overview of the entire journey history

The map provides for a simple overview of travelled kilometres of your vehicles. You can arrange trips, export travel orders and reports. And more. Additional settings allow you to set alarms, groups with access to view trips and determine points of interest.

Online access from any device

You can easily track vehicles from your tablet or PC without any special programme needed. You can access vehicle tracking at www.posledi.si where you have to enter your password, or from your mobile phone at m.posledi.si. 



Tracking system kit

In order to control and track your vehicles, you have to lease the posledi.si server, tracking device and a GSM data card. We select the tracking device according to your needs. Tracking device installation can be done at our premises, although we can also arrange on-site installation at your preferred address.

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Posledi.si server lease

Minimum vehicle control server lease is 1 year.

  Price 183.00 Euro/year
* Prices include VAT

Tracking device

The device generates journey logs and enables alarm signalling and GPS vehicle location. You can choose from several different models and accessories, such as 3D sensors, Can Bus interface, Dallas Bus connector, etc.

  Price: From 169.58 Euro
* Prices include VAT

GSM data card

Tracking device operates with a GSM card. Price and monthly usage of data depends on your subscription plan and mobile services provider.

Price: From 2.00 Euro/month
* Prices include VAT


  • I use posledi for my personal car. I have no worries as I know the car is additionally secured.

    »In case my car got stolen, I know I would be able to track it down. I also like the fact that I can check my driving history. In case I forget to lock my car, I can simply check through the in-built system.«

    Rok, Trebnje

  • Posledi system reduces costs, is reliable and easy to use. Technical support is also great.

    »We have saved greatly on fuel with the Posledi tracking system. It is very easy to use and useful, as it enables a quick summary and export of travel orders. Posledi also works great abroad. In case we need any technical support, employees at Kobra are always there for us.«

    Peter, Novo mesto


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