When you need information or help, we are here for you. We will gladly listen to your wishes and needs. We constantly offer useful, attractive and new contents, adapted to telephony and computing services.

Do you have difficulty in installing your favourite device? No worries. We are here to help you.

Can’t connect your phone to the network? Are you going abroad and don’t know how to connect your GSM/Wi-Fi modem? Does your phone or computer show unusual behaviour? Perhaps all you need is a programme upgrade. We will be happy to find a solution for you.

You can forget about the stress you feel when transferring, copying and restoring data from your device.

We take care of copying and transferring data from SIM cards, mobile phones and computers. We also copy your multimedia content and contacts to a USB flash drive that you can then use as a back-up copy. If you have lost your data due to hardware and software issues, we will do everything in our power to recover these data.

Are you using Apple OS while your accounting programme can only operate in a Windows environment?

We install Microsoft Windows OS through virtualization in a parallel environment. That way you will be able to use both operational systems. We also eliminate any viruses in the Windows operating system, enhancing its operation.

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  • They easily transferred my contacts and photographs from my old phone to the new one.

    »Changing a phone is a real nightmare for me. And only because of transferring data, which is not something I am good at. At Kobra, all data was transferred smoothly.«

    Nina, Brestanica

  • At At Kobra, I get everything I need in one place. I am particularly pleased with their customer service.

    »I am always happy to go to Kobra, even though I live in Ljubljana. Parking is very easy and they always dedicate to me completely and take their time for my every wish regarding telephony. They advise me on the most suitable plan, phone, and even set everything, so the product is working just as I wanted it to. I really couldn’t be happier.«

    Uroš, Ljubljana

  • A tech-savvy salesman explained all settings in a simple manner.

    »When I bought a tablet and phone, a nice salesman explained all functions I needed for my work.«

    Gregor, Krško

Services price list

Mobile telephony and computing price list

*Prices include VAT

Service repair of devices - 1 point 36.90 Eur
Saving data from a damaged phone 69.00 Euro
Service inspection of the device - 1 point 19.90 Euro
Copying contents from one phone to another - 1 point  8.90 Euro
Installation of screen protector - phone 5.0 Euro
Installation of screen protector - tablets 10.90 Euro
Software upgrade - 1 point (reset, upgrade SW, phone settings, creating Apple ID account, Google account,... ) 19.90 Euro
Sim card cutting 3.0 Euro

Price list for computer services

*Prices include VAT

Installation of Microsoft Office for Mac environment on the computer (Licensed software not included in the price)

25.00 Euro
Installation of a dual boot (optional) and Microsoft Windows operating system (Licensed software not included in the price) 50.00 Euro
Installation of Microsoft Windows OS through virtualization in a parallels environment (Licensed software not included in the price) 40.00 Euro
Reinstallation or upgrade of Mac OS x 20.00 Euro
Deleting data, cleaning and resetting in Mac computers 30.00 Euro
Copying/Copying data from one computer to a new one 40.00 Euro
Replacing the HDD with SSD drive for Apple iMac + cleaning (SSD drive is not included in the price 99.00 Euro


Price list is valid from 15. 01. 2022.


In specific service procedures, data stored in a phone (contacts, calendar, photographs), tablet or computer may be lost. We do not guarantee that all data will be maintained and we shall not be held liable to any damage incurred by the user.

In case the data cannot be maintained due to technical reasons (the nature of the defect), we will not charge the user for the service.


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