Why choose our screen protector?


    Outstanding Japanese quality with long lifetime


    Protection against dirt and scratches


    Antistatic function


    Does not reduce screen sensitivity


    Does not leave glue marks

Invisible and quality screen protector will protect your phone from scratches and finger prints. The screen protecor has an antistatic and light-reflecting feature without reducing the screen sensitivity.

We produce custom-made screen protectors for your phone or tablet. Screen protectors are available in all trending phone and tablets models.

Completely custom-made

We enhance our experience by cutting the protector with laser accuracy and producing a custom-made protector for your phone or tablet. You can forget worrying if the wrap of your favourable device will lift up the protector and produce bubbles, which could lead to derogation of the protector.

Precise placement for long durability

Screen protecor durability depends on correct installation.

We take care for a precise placement of the protector, following the correct procedure. First, we fully clean the screen of your device with a cleaning cloth and blow out dust or particles that might produce bubbles.

Then, the protector is carefully placed on the screen, followed by a step-by-step installation. After the protector is installed, we smooth any air bubbles, and when the protector is aligned, we take off the protective film.

Mobile phones screen saver with installation

Price: 9,90 €
* Prices include VAT.

Tablet screen saver with installation

Price: 16,90 €
* Prices include VAT.

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  • Since I had my screen saver installed at Kobra, I no longer have any issues with its durability.

    »I used to buy screen savers online and install them by myself. But that never worked out well. Since I had my screen saver installed at Kobra, I no longer have any issues with its durability.«

    Anja, Škocjan

  • I guarantee Kobra screen savers.

    »Screen savers are really of high quality. I also don’t have enough patience to place it by myself and Kobra takes care of that.«

    Grega, Kostanjevica na Krki


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