Why SimPal?


    For electric devices of up to 3.500 W


    Ambient temperature change detector


    Easy switch control


    Turn on by free APP

WIfi smart switch allows you to turn on or off your electrical devices whenever and wherever, at a certain time or temperature.

To control your electrical devices you just need a Wi-Fi access and your smart phone.

Automatic operation



Automatic switch on or off according to room temperature

Switch automatically turns on the radiator when detected room temperature drops below 18 °C.

You can also use electrical devices to maintain ambient temperature within the preset range or at a certain temperature value.

Preset schedule

Turning the switch on or off can be preset any day or any time.

Control and notifications

Switch alerts you of changed temperature on your APP.

For electrical devices of up to 3,500 W

Automatic electrical device control, such as radiators, refrigerators, air conditioning, central heating, heat pumps and water heaters.

Extend the temperature control range

Wireless sensor extension allows you to control temperature in other rooms.



SimPal T-40

  • I simply turn on air conditioning at our sea side house remotely.

    »Now I am pleased to go to my home as it is cooled to a pleasant temperature before we get there. And the switch is really easy to use.«

    Luka, Krško

Technical details and online order

SimPal W230
Order online

SimPal W230 WiFi smart switch for electric devices remote control

79,00 €
* Prices include VAT.

  • turns on or off electrical devices of up to 3,500 W
  • easy to use
  • detects ambient temperature change

Technical specifications


Power input:  AC 110~230V (EU plug)
Relative humidity: 10–90%, non-condensing
Operating temperature: –10 ℃–+50 ℃
Temperature sensor range:  -10℃~50℃ 

WiFi protocol: 

802.11 b/g/n
Indicator:  Power output and wireless signal in Blue
Max power loading:  16A or 3600W
Switch control:  APP
Intended use:  for indoor use
Accessories:  temperature sensor extension, 5 m cable

Product size: 

125*60*80 mm 










Easy switch control

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