Opening doors by calling or SMS message


    Turning on heating or cooling system via SMS message


    Facility security with sensors and outgoing alarm SMS notifications


    Recording arrivals and departures of persons


    Measuring and controlling room temperature and informing on preset limit temperatures


    Listening to events in a room

The universal GSM GC 055 communicator allows you to remotely turn on heating and cooling system, unlock doors, control temperature and security alarm, listen to events in the room, etc. You can control the communicator from your mobile phone via SMS messages.

Mobile phone control

No need to use keys and remote controls for all doors. You can simply open your front door with a call or SMS message.

Automatic operation



Automatic switch on or off according to room temperature

GC 055 automatically switch on or off cooling or heating when the sensor detects change in room temperature.

You can use the communicator for controlling ambient temperature within the preset range or at a certain temperature value.

Preset schedule

Turning on or off devices can be preset by chosen days and time.

Control and notifications

The communicator alerts you of changed temperature, when power is off or on, alarm, fire, arrival and departure of visitors via SMS message.

Customised expansion of control scope

GC055 communicator (module) accessories allow you to set-up your own custom remote control configuration.



  • DIN-rail 12–24 V rectifier
  • additional battery for DIN-rail
  • infra motion detector – wired
  • relay contactor with DIN 10 A/230 V bracket
  • alarm on/off with Dallas key
  • alarm off with keyboard – code
  • gas detector
  • siren
  • magnetic contacts
  • smoke detector
  • microphone

GSM LEVEL GC 055 communicator for monitoring and device remote control

  • I no longer use a key for my front door.

    »I just make a call to open the door. How simple. When I am away, I never leave my keys with my neighbours. If I want to open the front door for someone, I do that remotely – simply with a call.«

    Nejc, Novo mesto

  • The GC 055 communicator is a good monitoring solution at a reasonable price.

    »There are many smart home control systems available on the market, but all are expensive and require planning at the time of construction. When your house is already constructed, installation of such systems can be quite costly. This is why I have decided to use GC 055, as it offer everything I need at an affordable price. The installation is not complicated and above all the product works.«

    Klemen, Ljubljana

Technical details and online order

Order online

LEVEL GC 055 GSM communicator for remote monitoring and control of devices

242.78 €
* Prices include VAT.

  • opens and unlocks doors, gates
  • sensor controlled building security
  • turns on/off heating and cooling system
  • records arrivals and departures of persons
  • measures, controls and alerts room temperatures
  • enables listening to events in a room
  • conveys information on alarm triggering or power failure and when the power comes back
  • 5x digital/analogue inputs; 2x digital inputs/outputs,1x open collector (OC) output; relay output; audio and Dallas sensor
Technical specifications

GSM: Dual Band
Network: 900/1.800 MHz
SIM: SIM card – 1.8 V
Communication: SMS, GSM data, GPRS
Calls: turning on applications via calling – free alarm call to the user
SMS messages: SMS alarm, information, command, query, reply, setting, configuration changes – up to 4 parameters in one SMS message.
Data modem connection: configuration changes, reading measured values, reading events memory, output value control, firmware upgrade
GPRS internet connection: Class 10; static and dynamic IP and VPN support; UDP protocol; 128-bit symmetric coding

Dallas bus:

  • suitable for connecting temperature sensors, analogue converters, readers, ID chips, access cards
  • up to 10 thermometers and analogue inputs
  • up to 200 ID chips or access cards
  • connection cables up to 100 m

5x input: digital/analogue configuration 0–30 V
2x input/output: digital input 0–30 V, maximum output current OC 0.5 A
1x output: open collector OC 30 V output, maximum current 0.5 A
1x output: open collector OC 30 V output, maximum current 0.5 A/relay 230 V 10 A
Mini USB: for connecting to PC – configuration, firmware upgrade
RS232: for connecting to LCD screen
Charging: 12–24 V = DC; standby consumption < 10 mA at 12 V; maximum energy consumption 400 mA at 12 V
Memory capacity: Flash 512 kB, approximately 5.000 reports
Dimensions: 52 x 90 x 57 mm
Weight: 150 g
Temperature range: –30 °C to +85 °C
Protection class: IP 20


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